Congratulations on a successful defence!

Mariano, a few minutes after earning the title of Dr. Arregui!

On September 2nd another member of our ichnofamily, Mariano Arregui, successfully defended his thesis! His thesis studied transitional marine environments from the Lajas Formation (Middle Jurassic, Neuquén Basin, West Argentina). You can read more about his work on his ResearchGate page, where he delves into topics like the relationship between phytodetrital pulses and shrimp burrow linings or the palaeoenvironmental interpretation of the formation in the subsurface. A massive congratulations to Dr. Arregui on this incredible accomplishment!

Written by Brittany Laing

Congratulations & Felicidades!

Mayra, eagerly waiting for her defense results.

Earlier this week our very own Mayra Zuniga successfully defended her Master’s thesis on the U and M2 sandstone members in the Oriente Basin of Ecuador. A big congratulations to her on this great accomplishment, we can’t wait to see what she tackles next!

Read more about Mayra on her Ichnoplanet profile or LinkedIn pages!

Dr. Carmona elected President of the Association for Women Geoscientists!

Noelia Carmona- Newfoundland

A big congratulations to Dr. Carmona on her election as President of the Association for Women Geoscientists! Dr. Carmona is a brilliant researcher and science communicator, currently working at the National Univeristy of Rio Negro as a professor. Now, on top of her many accomplishments she will be the very first non-North American President of the AWG!

You can follow Dr. Carmona’s research here, and read an interview (in Spanish only) with her here.

Written by Brittany Laing

Trip to Muenster & Tallin, & a successful PhD defense!

Luis Buatois continued his lecture tour during the first week of December with a stop at the University of Muenster (Germany) giving a Department Seminar on the work of animals in space and time. This was followed by a visit to Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia) for an invited talk on the trace fossil record of early Paleozoic evolutionary events and as external of the PhD defence of Ursula Toom. The trip to Estonia includes a visit to the Sarghava Field Station, the most likely host of the next Workshop on Ichnotaxonomy.

Dr. Toom’s research looks at the Ordovician and Silurian trace fossil record of Estonia, with some fantastic tomographic work. Her work isn’t done though! A prolific researcher, Ursula continues to shed light on the ancient life in Estonia from her position at Tallinn University. You can congratulate Dr. Toom and follow her research on her ResearchGate profile, and download her thesis from it’s record here.

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Written by Dr. Luis Buatois and Brittany Laing


ICCI 2019- Exploring continental ichnology in Germany.

This past September both Dr.’s Mángano and Buatois travelled to Halle, Germany, to attend the 3rd International Conference of Continental Ichnology. The meeting was organized by Oliver Wings at the Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. There, Gabriela Mángano delivered her keynote talk entitled “Continental invertebrate and plant trace fossils in space and time: State of the art and prospects.”. Luis Buatois gave a talk entitled “Trace fossils, water table and depositional evolution in eolian systems (Cretaceous Mulichinco Formation, subsurface of western Argentina)”. Activities during the conference include visits to several museums, including the Halle Paleontological and Zoological Museums and to Museum of Prehistory. One of the highlights of the meeting was the post-conference fieldtrip to visit Permian-Cretaceous outcrops in the Bavaria, Thuringia, Lower Saxony, and Saxony-Anhalt regions! The collections at the Museums at Gotha and Schleusingen were visited as well.

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By Luis Buatois