Current Projects

Creation of an ichnology database

Collaborators: Dean Meek, Bruce Eglington, Luis A. Buatois, and M. Gabriela Mángano.


Early Triassic biotic recovery and controlling factors insights from ichnologic aspects

Collaborators: Lijun Zhang, Luis A. Buatois, M. Gabriela Mángano, Yongan Qi, Xin Zhang, Chao Tai, and Shangqian Sun.Buttons_FollowOnRg

The Dinosaur Park Formation of Saskatchewan

Collaborators: Emily L. Bamforth, Meagan Gilbert, Tim Tokaryk, Hans Larsson, Luis A. Buatois, and Robin Renaut.

Bioturbation and its effects on porosity and permeability in carbonate rocks and sediments
Collaborators: Fernando Valencia, Luis A. Buatois, and Juan Carlos Laya.


Trace fossils, sedimentary facies and parasequence architecture from the Lower Cretaceous Mulichinco Formation of Argentina: The role of fair-weather waves in shoreface deposits

Collaborators: Lindsey Wesolowski, Luis A. Buatois, and M. Gabriela Mángano.


The Cambrian GSSP at Fortune Head, Newfoundland, Canada: a critical reassessment of the Ediacaran-Cambrian boundary

Collaborators: Brittany A. Laing, Romain C. Gougeon, Luis A. Buatois, M. Gabriela Mángano, and Guy M. Narbonne.Buttons_FollowOnRg

Paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the proto-Andean basin (Cambrian – Ordovician; Cordillera Oriental; Northwest Argentina).

Collaborators: Romain Vaucher, N. Emilio Vaccari, Diego F Muñoz, Beatriz G. Waisfeld, and Luis A. Buatois.


Cambrian trace fossils of Jordan.

Collaborators: Richard Hofmann, M. Gabriela Mángano, Olaf Elicki, and Rafie Shinaq.