Three Ichnoplanet students at the University of Saskatchewan receive awards from the International Association of Sedimentologists!

Dr. Maximiliano Paz has received the International Association of Sedimentologists (IAS) Postdoctoral Research Grant. He is currently studying the sedimentology and ichnology of the Cambrian-Ordovician Los Cabos Series. These funds will be used to cover one month of fieldwork expenses to log 4000 m of the succession in the rocky cliffs of western Asturias, Spain.

Jack Milligan has received the IAS Judith McKenzie Fieldwork Award. He is studying the sequence stratigraphy and taphonomy of dinosaur bones including describing osteic bioerosion trace fossils from the latest Cretaceous Frenchman Formation. This funding will cover fieldwork expenses to measure coastal floodplain and fluvial outcrops along the Frenchman River Valley of southwestern Saskatchewan.

Federico Wenger also received the IAS Judith McKenzie Fieldwork Award. He will be studying the sequence stratigraphy and ichnology including the degree of bioturbation, ichnodisparity, and ichnodiversity to understand the different environmental zones of the Devonian Talacasto Formation, in the geological province of Precordillera, western Argentina. This funding will help finance the trip to the study area.

Congratulations to Maximiliano, Jack, and Federico, and best of luck with your fieldwork, and thank you to the International Association of Sedimentologists for helping fund Ichnoplanet research at USask!

Written by Jack Milligan

Dr. Mángano named Distinguished Professor at USask

We are excited to share that our own Dr. Gabriela Mángano has been named a distinguished professor by the University of Saskatchewan Distinguished Professorship Advisory Committee.

She was recognized for her breadth of contributions in the areas of ichnologic and sedimentological research on an international scale. She has mentored and supervised many students, many of whom are underrepresented in the geosciences, including women and minority groups. Congratulations Gabriela on this amazing achievement!

She also received the award for Outstanding Educator Award from the Association for Women Geoscientists back in 2018.

Written by Jack Milligan

Dr. Buatois recipient of the 2022 Raymond C. Moore Medal for Paleontology by SEPM

We are thrilled to share that Dr. Luis Buatois has received the 2022 Raymond C. Moore Medal for Paleontology from the Society for Sedimentary Geology. This prestigious international award recognizes accomplished researchers who have contributed a great amount to the field of paleontology (see SEPM interview on YouTube).

Today, Dr. Buatois is regarded as one of the world’s renowned experts on animal trace fossils, and the early history of life on Earth through the lens and framework of ichnology. He supervises a large group of students and serves on editorial boards for geological and paleontological journals. From all of us at Ichnoplanet, congratulations Luis!

Written by Jack Milligan