Dr. Diego F. Muñoz

Postdoctoral fellow

ProfilePics_DMunoz.pngI finished my Geology degree (2009) at the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina) studying the taphonomy of Lower Ordovician marine siliciclastic environments shell beds from NW Argentina, supervised by Dr. B. G. Waisfeld. Afterwards, I worked for private oil companies until 2012. Between 2012 and 2016 I studied, together with my supervisor Dr. J. L. Benedetto, the systematics, diversity, biostratigraphy, taphonomy, and palaeobiogeography of Lower Ordovician brachiopods, mainly from NW Argentina. During my Ph.D., I became interested in the diverse trace fossils found in the Central Andean Basin and I decided to turn my scientific life into Ichnology. This is why now I’m studying marine siliciclastic trace fossils, particularly cruzianids, supervised by Dr. M. G. Mángano and B. G. Waisfeld. I am particularly interested in the relationship of the occurrences between trace fossils and their probable producers, and to study the ichnological record from a paleobiological perspective.

Postdoctoral Supervisors: Dr. M. Gabriela Mángano and Dr. Beatriz G. Waisfeld

Degrees: PhD (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)1; Geologist (Universidad Nacional de Córdoba)2.

1- Doctoral Thesis: Biostratigraphy, taphonomy and diversity of Lower Ordovician brachiopods from the Cordillera Oriental, northwestern Argentina. (in Spanish). Supervised by: Dr. Juan Luis Benedetto and Dr. Beatriz G. Waisfeld.

2- Undergraduate Thesis: Taphonomic analysis in upper Tremadocian deposits, Quebrada de Humacha, Huacalera area, Cordillera Oriental, Jujuy Province. (in Spanish). Supervised by: Dr. Beatriz G. Waisfeld and Dr. Juan Luis Benedetto.


Muñoz, D.F., Mángano M.G, Buatois, L.A. Unravelling Phanerozoic evolution of radial to rosette trace fossils. Lethaia. In press. DOI: 10.1111/let.12317

Muñoz, D.F., Mángano M.G, Buatois, L.A. Gyrophyllites cristinae isp. nov. from Lower Ordovician shallow-marine deposits of northwest Argentina. Ichnos. In press. DOI: 10.1080/10420940.2018.1538983

Muñoz, D.F., Benedetto, J.L. The eoorthid brachiopod Apheoorthina in the Lower Ordovician of NW Argentina and the dispersal pathways along western Gondwana. Acta Palaeontologica Polonica, 2016, 61 (3): 633-644. DOI: 10.4202/app.00241.2016

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Dr. Maximiliano Paz

Postdoctoral fellow


I completed my Licenciatura degree with an orientation in Geology of Hydrocarbons at Universidad Nacional de Río Negro, Argentina. My Ph.G. involved the sedimentological, ichnological and geochemical analysis of the Vaca Muerta Formation black shales of Argentina, with a focus in understanding bottom water oxygenation levels. My interests are in ichnology applied to sedimentary environment analysis, fine-grained sedimentology, and geochemical redox proxies.

Doctoral thesis: Ichnology, sedimentary facies, sequence stratigraphy and geochemistry of black shales from the Upper Jurassic – Lower Cretaceous Vaca Muerta Formation, Neuquén Basin, Argentina

Postdoctoral supervisors: Dr. Gabriela Mángano and Dr. Luis Buatois

Paz, M., Ponce, J.J., Buatois, L.A., Mángano, M.G., Carmona, N.B. and Pereira, E. (submitted). Bottomset and foreset sedimentary processes in the mixed carbonate-siliciclastic Upper Jurassic Vaca Muerta Formation, Picún Leufú area, Argentina. Sedimentology.