Recent field work on the Buda Limestone

During three field campaigns from 2017 to 2019, Fernando Valencia together with Gustavo Valencia and colleagues from the Texas A&M University (Dr. Juan Laya and Dr. Mike Pope) have been describing several stratigraphic sections where the highly-bioturbated Buda Limestone crops out. Most outcrops are distributed along the central and west Texas regions (Fig. 1). The main focus of Fernando’s project is to define the sedimentological model of the Buda Limestone in west-central Texas and the implications of the pervasive bioturbation in the process of porosity creation. Preliminary observations recognized a strong influence of the trace fossils in the diagenetic processes of the carbonate succession (Fig. 2).

Follow Fernando’s Research Gate project detailing this research here!


Figure 1. Sharp contact between the Buda Limestone and the overlying Eagle Ford Gp. along the U.S. Highway 90 in the Comstock – Texas area.


Figure 2. Detail of intra-burrow secondary porosity developed in a Thalassinoides isp. Upper-Cretaceous Buda Limestone (west Texas).

By Fernando Valencia

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