IMECT 2019

On October 17-24th, 2019 the International Meeting on the Ediacaran and the Ediacaran-Cambrian Transition (IMECT) in Guadalupe, Spain was held. Romain Gougeon represented the Ichnology Research Group with two projects: a talk on ‘The Ediacaran-Cambrian Chapel Island Formation of Newfoundland revisited: Evaluating changes in ecospace utilization by early animals’ and a poster on ‘Loops, circles, spirals and the appearance of guided behaviors from the Ediacaran-Cambrian of Brittany, NW France’. The meeting was organized by J. J. Álvaro and S. Jensen and have allowed the visit to the beautiful Villuercas-Ibores-Jara UNESCO Global Geopark during pre- and post-conference field trips. Highlights of these trips were: the access to the type species of Cloudina carinata in Nañamero; the geology of the Lower Alcudian Group and its striking unconformities; and the body fossils (Beltanelliformis) and trace fossils (simple horizontal grazing trails, treptichnids) from the Pusa and Cíjara formations. Romain is extremely thankful to J.J. Álvaro, I. Cortijo, S. Jensen, T. Palacios, A. Pieren Pidal and C. Quesada for their kindness and many fruitful conversations on the geology and paleontology of the region.

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By Romain Gougeon

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