Congratulations to Romain!

Last week, our own Romain Gougeon successfully defended his Ph.D. thesis! Romain has worked very hard to achieve this milestone, so big congratulations to him! His thesis focused on integrating sedimentologic and ichnologic datasets to learn more about the evolution of early metazoans from the latest Ediacaran and earliest Cambrian Chapel Island Formation of Newfoundland, Canada. During his research, he and his collaborators have published a series of papers on this topic, much of which you can find on his profile, and on our publication page here.

We look forward to hearing more about your future research, and congratulations once again to now Dr. Romain Gougeon!

Romain Gougeon, Luis Buatois, Gabriela Mangano, and Guy Narboone conducting remote fieldwork in Newfoundland, Canada.

Written by Jack Milligan

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