Asturias field course

2017-09-02 07.32.45

What is better than learning about trace fossils? Learning about trace fossils in the gorgeous setting of Asturias, Spain!

This will be the third iteration of Dr. Mángano’s and Dr. Buatois’ field course in Asturias, where they travel the timescale and look at everything from carbonate reefs to turbidites. They’ll be joined by geological sciences students from Canada and Spain, giving a truly international flavour to the trip.

While I can’t share exactly what the students will be learning (they need to learn that themselves!) I can share photos to make others jealous of this incredible adventure!

2017-09-07 05.07.27.jpg

Students listening as Dr. Buatois gives a lecture on the sedimentology of the surrounding rocks.

2017-09-04 01.59.09.jpg

Ph.D. candidate Maxi, graciously acting as my scale.

2017-09-04 01.40.24.jpg

The best classroom on earth.

2017-09-07 05.57.07.jpg

Some of the more… adventurous students, trying some fresh-from-the-sea cuisine.

By Brittany Laing

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